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            Monthly Archives: October 2018

            Introducing Campbell’s Well Yes! Sipping Soups

            We’re excited to introduce our new line of?Well Yes!??Sipping Soups!?The new soups come in five delicious flavors and are available in convenient grab-and-go packaging, which make them perfect as a satisfying snack or pick-me-up. Approximately 80 percent of consumers agree, soup is an easy way to get more veggies between meals1, but lack of convenience…

            In Memory of the American Inventor Dorcas Reilly

            It is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of Dorcas Reilly, 92, the creator of one of the most beloved recipes in America, the Green Bean Casserole. Dorcas was an incredible woman, whose legacy will live on in more than 20 million American households this Thanksgiving. As one of the…

            A Field of Yellow Tomatoes

            By Dan Sonke, Director of Sustainable Agriculture   Driving by a tomato farm this time of year in California, you expect to see a harvest underway. It’s a sight to savor–lots of red tomatoes being placed into tractor bins. But not this time. Where there is normally red, a sea of yellow is in its…

            A Celebration of Hispanic Heritage

            At Campbell, our Latino employee Network is a diverse group that’s dedicated to recognizing and leveraging the talents, perspectives and leadership of Hispanic and Latino employees. To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, a few members of this network share stories of their heritage through – what else? – food.     Melissa Aguilar, Diversity & Inclusion…