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            Monthly Archives: March 2019

            “Do Right and Be Real” Equates to a Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality

            By Trent Whiteford, Category & Sales Strategy Lead, Campbell Simple Meals and Co-Chair of Campbell’s LGBTQ OPEN Employee Network   As a Campbell employee, who happens to be gay, I feel privileged to work for a company that lives into its values. “Do Right and Be Real” is not just something that adorns the walls…

            Introducing Our 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report and Website

              Today Campbell is proud to publish our 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report and website. This marks our eleventh year of reporting on our progress. Here’s an excerpt of what our new CEO Mark Clouse shared with stakeholders.   Throughout my more than 20 years in the food business, I have long admired Campbell and the…

            On International Women’s Day, We Need to Support Each Other

            Jennifer Moss, incoming Vice President-Research & Development, Meals and Beverages, joined Campbell as Vice President-R&D, Asia Pacific, in 2010, and now she is headed to the U.S. to lead R&D across the Meals and Beverages business. She’s a role model and mentor to a broad range of colleagues and students. Today, in honor of International…

            A Day in the Life of a Campbell Nutritionist

            by Lindsay Watts, Senior Nutrition Communication Analyst and Registered Dietitian   I think I was born to be a dietitian. I grew up with a strong interest in health and food and in my early teen years experimented with different diets. As I got older, I spent more and more time in the kitchen and…