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            AREAS OF FOCUS

            The Campbell Soup Foundation focuses its giving on three strategic areas:

            1. Increasing access to healthy food
            2. Encouraging healthy living through nutrition education and physical activity
            3. Nurturing Campbell neighborhoods by transforming the physical spaces where people live, learn, and play


            GRANT PROCESS

            As of 2019, our Foundation has moved to an invitation-only grant process. We are running two primary grant programs, one focused on healthy school communities, which will begin as a pilot program with a select group of nonprofit partners. The second is our Community Impact Grants program, which utilizes a designated group of employee nominators from across our U.S. footprint to nominate local community organizations to apply for a grant. To be eligible, an organization’s work must align with the mission and strategies of our Foundation. Additional eligibility and evaluation criteria are listed below.



            The Foundation limits grants to nonprofit organizations which are tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Preference is given to institutions that serve Camden, N.J., and locations where we have operations in the U.S.

            We look for proposals to meet the following criteria as we make our funding decisions:

            • The organization’s work aligns with one (or more) of the three strategic areas of focus described above
            • The organization’s work supports our mission to strengthen and empower healthy communities, and aligns with our philosophy around sustainable and systematic change
            • The organization thinks strategically about assessing the impact of its work, with measurable goals and results
            • The organization partners with others to work collaboratively within the community and to leverage additional support and funding sources. Preference is given to organizations working within a Collective Impact framework.
            • The organization displays strong and effective leadership both internally and externally in the community
            • The organization incorporates input from community residents and beneficiaries into its work, and operates with equity in mind at all times
            • The organization has engaged with Campbell employees in the past or demonstrates opportunities for future engagement



            In our grant programs, direct grants are not made to / given for the following:

            • Organizations that are based outside the United States and its territories
            • Individuals, including scholarships, loans and sponsorships
            • Organizations that limit their services to members of one religious group or whose services propagate religious faith or creed
            • Political organizations and those having the primary purpose of influencing legislation of/or promoting a particular ideological point of view
            • Units of government
            • Hospitals and schools
            • Events and sponsorships, including sports-related events


            The Campbell Soup Foundation does not provide product donations. The Campbell Soup Company directs its product donations to Feeding America, our nation’s largest food bank network and its more than 200 member food banks. Organizations seeking product donations should reach out to their local Feeding America food bank. For a list of member food banks,?click here.