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            Celebrating 150 Years of Campbell

            It’s been said that the greatest ideas are often the simplest ones. We couldn’t agree more. You see, Campbell Soup Company was born from a simple idea: to make delicious and affordable food, accessible to all. 150 years later we’re still staying true to this notion.

            2019 marks our 150th anniversary. Reaching such a significant milestone makes you stop, reflect and acknowledge what got you there. For us, it’s our people. They are a testament to our heritage, to our Purpose and values, and to the iconic brands that Campbell employees – past and present – have created and continue to nurture and grow.

            We will be celebrating this milestone over the next several months with our employees, customers, consumers and in our communities.

            Campbell is a powerhouse of great brands and amazing talent. As we build our future, we’ll push harder, always striving, constantly aspiring to succeed, until we deliver. We’re ready for what’s next.

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